Tuesday, May 24, 2016

50% Off Something Old Something New

I've got four products at 50% off today in our SOSN sale, Wednesday May 25th.

Brand new today in the store you can find a kit called Sushi. If you are a sushi addict like me and my family, you will definitely want to pick this up while it's only $2 during our sale. You can grab it HERE.


I'm also re-releasing three CU products. Click on the images to see them in the store.




I also have a little freebie for you that was never in my personal store. It was part of a team collaboration. You can grab Storyteller HERE for free! Enjoy!



Crystalnva said...

Too cute THANK YOU bunches :)

warnsmeyer said...

Thank-you perfect for what I needed !

Anonymous said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing it!!