Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SOSN March 30: Four Products at 50% off

I have a brand new Commercial Use product (CU Foliage 26) and three items that I'm re-releasing this week in the Something Old Something New 50% off sale (Wednesday only).



I'm also re-releasing Heart of Nature (one of my very first products) today as a freebie! Enjoy! You can download it HERE.



Lois Michael said...

Thank you for the gift....but the link to Box says Sorry, we can't access that page.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, you are so generous! And your work is awesome

Kristin said...

Sorry Lois, the link is working for me. I'm not sure why it's giving you an error. :(

unruly said...

thank you so much, your generosity is always appreciated...Cindi PS...always have been curious why you don't put your products in other stores like Pickleberry Pop, Ginger Scraps and Gotta Pixel?????............Cynthia

Mom said...

Thank you, such a cute kit.

AGMaz said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Your generosity is so very appreciated! Thank you!!