Thursday, July 2, 2015

New products and Iron Scrapper at Scrap Orchard!

Hello!!! I’ve been absent for the entire month of June!!  My family took a big long vacation during June. We spent a week on a house boat with no wifi or cell service at Lake Powell. Followed by a few days at the Grand Canyon, It was HEAVEN. In the last years since I’ve had children, I’ve not had a trip like this that I could just disappear into. I really LOVED it!! And I’m so grateful for it!

When I have been home during June, I’ve been working on the Iron Scrapper for Scrap Orchard. Iron Scrapper is one of my favorite collaborative challenges I’ve ever participated in in the 8+ years I’ve been designing! I really enjoy the collaborative aspect of the challenge. All of the participating designers use a common color swatch for each week in July. And we can create whatever we want with it!  This is the third year I’ve been a part of the Iron Scrapper Challenge. I’m excited to be a part of this layout posting challenge. Not only because it means that participants can complete SO MANY pages by participating, but also because of the Iron Scrapper Prizes!! And because of the awesome deals offered on products during the Iron Scrapper Challenge in July!

In our Scrap Orchard forum HERE you’ll find two challenges per week during July. You can enter the challenge at any time during July. You get to create lots of pages for your albums while also earning the chance to win some super awesome prizes!! (Even if you don’t buy anything at Scrap Orchard during July, you can still WIN the Iron Scrapper competition. There are several free ways to enter!) Check out what you can win! It’s over $1,200 in prizes!


This week I have two new mini kits that quality for the Iron Scrapper Challenge. Also, each Iron Scrapper release is priced at only $2.50. But…. when you purchase 4 or more Iron Scrapper products, you will get them at 50% off! (Only $1.25 each!) And also you’ll get a free with purchase add on, that includes lots of cute color coordinating papers, splatters, graffiti, template, word arts, and fasteners. PLUS, it will include a secret ingredient, that can be used on your Iron scrapper pages to earn more points in the contest. This is our Free With Purchase of 4 items this week (Minus the secret ingredient). You can find my 2 Iron Scrapper products HERE. And you can find ALL Iron Scrapper products HERE.


My two Iron Scrapper products this week are inspired by songs from the 1940’s and 1950’s that have personal meaning to me. The first is based on a song called “This Little Girl of Mine” by the Everly Brothers. My dad sang Everly Brothers songs to me growing up. One of my first memories is of him singing Paper Doll. If you don’t know it, for sure Google it. It’s such a good song. My dad frequently sometimes liked to play a ukulele when he sang. That was my fave! He said he wooed my mom with a ukulele on a canoe when they were dating. How sweet is that?
So…This Little Girl of Mine…. I LOVE this song! I sing it to my two girls all the time! It’s very upbeat and happy! My 7 year old daughter, Sophie, chose all of the themed elements in this kit. Sophie loves her bike so much! She also loves balloons,  loves her pink “Hello Kitty” scooter, is absolutely OBSESSED with kitties (though we don’t have one, but she remembers an orange one that was in the family). We do now have a border collie/mix puppy-ish dog (Dexter- 1 year old) and she insisted that I represent him in the kit even though they don’t always get along.

This Little Girl of Mine




Cassie -Little-Girl-copy

Christine Elizabeth


Little Girl


My second Iron Scrapper kit is inspired by song “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis.  I don’t have quite as strong a sentimental attachment to this song as the first one. But I SUPER love how this mini turned out! I chose his song simply because I loved dancing and singing to it when I was very little. It was really a fun theme to design a kit for!

Great Balls of Fire




Cassie - Sparky-copy

Christine Elizabeth


Ellen_Great Balls Of Fire



I have a fun Summer Flairs freebie for you today. I hope you enjoy using them on your pages! (Please remember that if you are creating a layout for the Iron Scrapper challenges, you cannot use this freebie on your page submitted for the competition. It will disqualify your page.)

Download Summer Flairs HERE