Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In the Forest - Second Chance

If you missed the first release of In the Forest (Iron Scrapper Week 1 Collab), you have second chance to pick up my portion! In the Forest Digital Scrapbook Kit is now available HERE at Scrap Orchard. Use this code to take 30% off (instead of the regular 20%) through August 7th during our Fresh Fruit Sale! Coupon Code: KA_30_OFF

In the Forest






I am currently working on a School themed kit. If you have any suggestions for elements, patterns or word art you’d like to see included, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you’d like to have to scrap your back to school pages!!



Kan Violen said...

I want some new elements, such as: projector, dictionary, ID card, library card, hat & uniform for graduation, cravat, school, library, watercolor palette, brush, pupil sitting on chair & reading/doing something on table, chalkboard, some flairs with school elements' icon, laptop, desktop.
Thank you :D

Timberlyn said...

I would like some more elements for the different subjects & events in school...

Desk & chair(student), carpet squares &/or circle time, naptime, music program...

Bus Ride, PE, Art, Music, Library, Computer Class, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading & Writing (English), Lunch Time, Recess, Nurse's Office, Principal's Office.

Have a sheet in their with a 504 Plan & a SPED Plan. For families with kids that have special needs (physical & mental)

It would be neat to see a pencil, pen, marker, crayon, dry erase, &/or chalk Alphabet(s).

Have a When I Grow Up I Want To Be A __________. Tag or WordArt.

Kathleen said...

I'm a big fan of your work and would be really keen on a school kit. Would you please consider adding some word titles for us non-Americans? Here in New Zealand we use years instead of grades. (Years 1 to 13). I think Australians also use years. And if you do one for favourite subject, could you include a version with a 'u' in it please? School trips, Drama, Digital Tech, School Sports, a school bell, report card, a whiteboard, and school books. Look forward to seeing your creation!

mnJenL said...

if you are doing any wordy bits I am still labeling preschool pictures. :)

Robin said...

Just picked this and the farm set up - Thanks for the deals!

For the school on, I hope for basic art supplies, cute alphas and numbers. My little guy is almost 3, so I would hope to find pieces to work for him.

Anonymous said...

I was recently doing pages from my sons grad and had a hard time finding a cap and diploma. Those would be great. Also a report card that you could add some of your own text to would be nice. Happy creating!

Alyna said...

I would absolutely LOVE it if you could include some drafting related items - protractor, compass, scale (similar to a ruler), triangles, t-square, french curves, etc. And I agree, some graduation items would be great (maybe even a graduation mini add-on later in the year)!

Celinda said...

This is gorgeous!