Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sneak Peek

I'm working on a new kit for late May release. I draw all of my graphics using Illustrator. Here's a little sneak peek of some of my drawings for my next kit. This is what they look like mid-process, before I color them. Any have a suggestion for a kit name?


Jenn said...

Bloom & Grow
Everything Grows With Love
Seedin' & Weedin'
There's No Place Like Gnome

Pam K said...

Summer Gardens?

Unknown said...

Looks sweet and I can't wait to see the whole kit when it's finished!!
Names, what about:
- Little hard worker
- Little gnome
- Working in the garden
- Enjoying the garden
- My own veggies
Just some examples as I'm pretty bad at names LOL

Hugs Natascha

Dagi said...

I'm not good with naming at all but I know for sure I already love it! As usual :). Look great, Kristin!

katkreations said...

i love naming things! my idea is "how does your garden grow?" bit i love jenns idea of seedin' n weedin'. whatever you name it, im sure it will be a hit

sts2000 said...

One of my favorite garden quotes is "In the spring at the end of the day you should smell like dirt." Margaret Atwood - so maybe "Smelling Like Dirt"????

another favorite quote is "Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes." - so maybe Gardening Therapy or Plant Therapy?


Keep Calm and Garden On

Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks

Kan Violen said...

I'd like to suggest these :)

- Plants & Friends
- Plant your own garden
- Garden Days

RKSP said...

How about:
Gleeful Garden
Garden Friend
Garden Fun

Lis said...

Looks nice! My suggestion:
Love my Veggie Garden

Heidi N. said...

A Yard Full of Fun

lmjrocko said...

Garden delight

Jamie said...

Looks like fun! I'm awful with naming things...just ask my kids ;)

mnJenL said...

My little garden
Veggie Friends

Angi said...

hmmm - Hoe & Grow ????
Diggin my Veggies

Looks super cute!

Neverland Scraps said...

Im sure its already been suggested. But what about "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

Its cute and I can't wait to see the reveal!!

Unknown said...

Veggie Tales (since we're scrappin' our stories?)


Garden Tales

Just Farming Around

MonkingsMusings said...

Garden Tales

Tracy said...

How about Garden Antics or Veggie Antics? Looks like a cute kit!

Anonymous said...

Home grown .... Sounds like something we all need right ?

Amanda said...

Can't wait. Hmm how about GARDEN OF WEEDIN' or DIGGIN IN THE DIRT or VEGGIE DELIGHTS. I'm sure it'll be adorable.

Jennifer BC said...

Someone beat me to "How does your garden grow?"
-Hoe Hoe Hoe
-Sow, Water, Harvest, Repeat
-Weed 'N Feed

Unknown said...

Labor of Love
Vale la Pena (VAH-lay lah PAY-nah) -- It's Worth It
Whistle while You Work

maddy1 said...

Looks great! How about:
- Grow your Greens
- Green Fingers (or Thumbs)
- Vegging Out

sherry said...

How does your garden grow ????
Garden me this .....
Whats in your garden????
Garden patch
Patch of sunshine
G is for garden
My favorite space

Vicky said...

Secret Garden!

I also like the suggestion by someone else Home Grown.

Anonymous said...

What about Love Can Grow a Garden?

Looks great so far!! :D

LuAnn said...

some ideas from me :)

Dirt Under the Fingernails
Come Play in the Dirt
Dig it!
To grow or not to grow
hit the dirt
Seeds and Weeds

Becky said...

Either "I Wet My Plants!" Or "Gonna Let This Garden Grow." Can't wait to see it!

Amie Lambert-Gaudet said...

Garden Glory

Amie Lambert-Gaudet said...

Home Grown Veggies

Megsy W said...

Vegie Delights
Vegie Harvest
Green Thumb
Planting Season
Harvest Season
Home Grown
Home Grown Delights

Sorry if anyone has suggested these.

Maja said...

"Green thumb" :)

I love your design!

Hugs, Maja

Laura said...

I am so excited for this one!
Name Ideas:

Lettuce, Turnip the Beet
How does your Garden Grow?
Kiss me, I'm organic
Our Harvest

Kylie said...

Some delicious veggies there... it's seasonal, but 'Autumn harvest' springs to mind.

ScrappySandy said...

ROTFLOL @ I Wet My Plants!!