Thursday, September 14, 2017

New kit & Freebie!

I started working on a butterfly themed kit a few years ago, but it has sat unfinished on my hard drive for years now. My oldest daughter has been interested in the migration and conservation of Monarch butterflies the last few years. We have participated in a program where individuals mark monarchs with an identification sticker so that their migration patterns can be tracked. We've also raised several from egg to caterpillar, chrysalis and then released them as Monarch butterflies. It has been really fun and a great learning experience for us all.

This year my daughter started her first year in junior high school. It has been a really significant change for her. Combining that with all of the changes that are happening to her as a maturing young lady inspired me to finish the kit with a strong focus on change. Because of that, I'm excited to share Metamorphosis with you today!

Metamorphosis is 20% off this weekend HERE in my store. I also have a discount coupon for you that will give you an extra 15% off this weekend! Code: ka_take15 

 I created a set of additional pattern choices and I have them for you HERE as a freebie. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

hsmema said...

Thank you for your generous freebie. Gorgeous layouts from you designers.